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Services & Fees

It is customary practice for Chieco Capital Management, LLC to provide an initial no-cost, no-obligation consultation either in person or by telephone in order to ascertain your unique circumstances and to determine whether the services sought by you are compatible with the types of services provided by our firm. No specific financial advice is rendered during the initial consultation.

The types and services and associated fees are as follows:

Financial Planning

The firm offers ongoing and regular Financial Planning services to you if you desire to engage us in an in-depth and ongoing long-term relationship to provide holistic financial and life planning. The typical services pertaining to Financial Planning may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Preparation of personal net worth and personal cash flow statement;
  • Review of your personal liabilities and design of a debt reduction plan, if necessary;
  • Determination of your risk tolerance(s), investment time horizon(s) and any future income needs to be derived from your investment portfolio;
  • Review of existing investment allocation and provision of general reallocation recommendations if appropriate;
  • Review of your most recent tax returns, provision of strategic tax planning advice and amendment of tax returns where errors are noted in tax return preparation;
  • Review of your insurance policies and provision of recommendations for changes in coverage where gaps in coverage are noted and/or recommendations as appropriate;
  • Completion of a retirement analysis including one or more scenarios and recommendations;
  • Educational planning advice (e.g., college funding) with funding recommendations;
  • A description of concerns related to issues not previously recognized by you;
  • Planning for any other goals and objectives raised by you with recommendations as deemed necessary;
  • Assistance in implementing recommendations by us as needed or requested by you.

Together, we will consider 1) your financial goals; 2) your investment time horizon(s); and 3) your personal level of risk tolerance in determining suggested modifications to your current financial situation which we believe will allow you to improve the possibility of meeting your goals. You will receive a thorough analysis in the form of a personalized and detailed Investment Policy Statement (IPS) detailing your current financial situation, suggested modifications and an action plan targeted to improve your financial situation.

The fee assessed to you for Financial Planning is derived from the value that the relationship between you and the firm will add to your life and financial situation. Factors that may affect the Financial Planning fee may include, but are not limited to, the frequency in which you request phone/e-mail/in-person meetings with your adviser, the level of firm assistance required in implementation of our recommendations, the complexity of your pertinent circumstances, the responsibility assumed by us, and the potential probability of certain anticipated complications that may arise.

Asset Management

The firm’s Asset Management services involve an assessment of your present financial situation including, but not limited to, any income needs from your portfolio, your risk tolerance(s), and your investment time horizon(s). Your current investment portfolio is reviewed and it is typically customary for us to construct a thorough and detailed Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for you based on the facts and circumstances unique to you and your financial situation. Each IPS will include recommendations for asset allocation and asset selection. We will conduct periodic reviews of your portfolio to ensure that the portfolio remains consistent with your customized IPS.

Our annual asset management fee for managing your investment portfolio is based on a percentage of the assets under management according to the following schedule:

$0 TO $1,000,000
$1,000,001 TO $3,000,000
$3,000,001 AND UP


The asset management fee will be billed to you in advance on a quarterly basis.

At your choice, the firm will manage your investable assets on a non-discretionary basis or discretionary basis. A choice of non-discretionary asset management means that we cannot make any buy or sell investing decisions for your account without first receiving your authorization. Discretionary asset management entails us making buy or sell investment decisions for your account without receiving your approval of our decisions beforehand. At Chieco Capital Management, LLC, we STRONGLY prefer making buy/sell decisions related to your investment assets on a NON-DISCRETIONARY basis as we deeply believe that your involvement in these decisions reinforces your investing preferences and keeps you actively involved in these important personal decisions.

Hourly Consulting

The firm offers Hourly Consulting services for you if you desire to engage us on a limited scope basis. Limited scope engagements may involve services not specified or described above as either Financial Planning or Asset Management. The scope and work and applicable fee related to Hourly Consulting services shall be agreed upon by you and your financial adviser prior to commencement of any work to be performed. Our fees for Hourly Consulting services shall be based on multiple factors such as the complexity of the relevant circumstances, the responsibility to be assumed by us, the resulting benefit to you, and the perceived probability of certain anticipated complications which may arise. Fees for Hourly Consulting services will be charged directly to you by us at a rate of $150 per hour, billed in ten-minute increments.

Income Tax Preparation

David J. Chieco, the President of the firm, is also a certified public accountant (CPA). As such, we offer individual and trust/estate tax preparation for our Financial Planning/Asset Management/Hourly Consulting clients and on a stand-alone basis for clients who do not engage the firm for any other services. For clients who engage us for Asset Management services and have $500,000 or more in assets managed by us at the end of the previous calendar year, fees for preparation of individual federal and state income tax returns will be waived. For all-other Clients, fees will be based on the complexity of the Client’s tax situation for the year for which Income Tax Preparation services furnished by CCM are engaged by the Client. Appropriate fees for trust and estate tax returns will be assessed by CCM regardless of the level of Client assets managed by CCM. Prior to the preparation of Client income tax returns, a fee estimate will be given to the Client/Prospective Client and an "Income Tax Preparation Agreement" will be presented to the Client/Prospective Client for signature once the fee and other relevant details have been agreed upon.

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